Slingshot ShortMast Flight School package

Slingshot ShortMast Flight School package

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We have already received and sold our first shipment. Our second shipment will start trickling in the week of 13Mar 2016. If you want a Flight School package get on the pre-order list by buying one as soon as possible as the list is filling up fast! Keep in mind that this system is sold WITHOUT a base plate for the extra masts so you will need to use the base plate off your Hoverglide hydrofoil. If you want an extra base plate to make mounting easier use the base plate option above.

"Just like we have been doing for the past 2 years Slingshot is finally on board with their own short mast learning solution for hydrofoils."-Phil Midler

Slingshot's exclusive Foiling Flight School program takes much of the pain and frustration out of learning to foil. You wouldn?t learn your first kite skills with a full size kite, so why learn the basics of foiling with a full size mast?


With Foiling Flight School, you have access to three supplemental masts (15, 24 and 30 inch) in addition to the full 35.5-inch one that come stock with Slingshot's Hover Glide foil. The ability to start with a shorter, more manageable mast and progress in length as your skills progress will help dramatically in developing the basic coordination and muscle memory required to become a proficient foiler.

Foiling Flight School is guaranteed to get you up and foiling faster, easier and with less pain and frustration than with any full-sized foil on the market.Flight School Package: Comes with 15, 24 and 30 inch masts!! Which can quickly and easily be installed on the Hover Glide's stock pedestal and foil assembly.

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teaching/learning made easy

- 12/6/2017

Great to safely get into hydrofoiling...wake, kite, surf, wind etc!

Frustration free sessions!

- 10/8/2016

Up and foiling in the first session using the 15" mast, I progressed so quickly and easily that had only one more sesh with the 15" . Did 6 amazing session with the 24" what a breeze!! . Yesterday was my first session riding the full 38" mast ( 9th sessio...

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