2019 Slingshot Alien Air Hydrofoil Board

2019 Slingshot Alien Air Hydrofoil Board

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The Alien Air has been a shop favorite at American Kiteboarding and in the Houston Kiteboarding Hydrofoil school for the last 3 years. It's large volume and concave deck surface make it ideal for rider using hydrofoiling as a light wind solution and also makes a nice voluminous board feel agile on the water. If you're a big guy or girl and getting into foiling the Alien Air is your board. If you're a medium sized guy or girl and want a to use hydrofoiling as a light wind solution they the Alien Air is also the board for you. More people have learned to foil with the Alien Air than any other craft in kiteboarding, and the beauty of this board is, they never want to give it up, no matter how good they get.

All the features that make the Alien Air so user-friendly and forgiving also make it a timeless choice for playful tricks and transitions, jumping and expert-level freeriding. When we introduced the Alien Air to foiling, it was indeed an Unidentified Flying Object. People had never seen anything like it- short, wide, fat, concave with tons of front-end rocker and funky beveled edges. Today it goes by the same letters but a different acronym: Undisputed Foiling Original.

This is a proven all-around shape for versatile freeride performance. The board's wide profile makes it stable and user-friendly, while a moderate concave creates agile turning as you put your weight out toward the edges. Two key features of the Alien Air are its thick profile and scooped nose. These combine for easy starts, slow takeoff speeds and, most importantly, the ability to touch down, bounce off the water and continue riding rather than nose diving and crashing. Slingshot?s signature sliding track system lets you adjust the position of the foil to fine-tune performance depending on rider ability and preference and the conditions.

  • Proven all-around freeride foil board
  • Thick profile and scooped nose = less pearling, less crashing
  • Lots of room to walk around, great for transitions
  • Easy low-end takeoff, easy touch-downs
  • Beginner-friendly, featured in Slingshot Foil Academy
  • Concave deck for agile handling
  • Sliding mount track lets you set your mast where you want it
  • Ride it strapless, with two or three straps or with foot hooks
  • Durable bamboo laminate construction
  • Technology
  • Scooped Nose

  • High rockered nose allows superior touch and go performance and prevents nose diving

  • Versatile Strap Configuration
  • Insert options give the ability to ride with 3, 2, 1, or no straps
  • Diamond Grip Deckpad
  • Refined deckpad provides just the right amount of grip and comfort
  • Bomber Slingshot Construction
  • Durable EPS construction prevents dings, heel dents and board buckling
  • Concave Deck
  • Subtle concave deck provides comfort and response
  • Adjustable Track Mount
  • Learn easier and safer with different mounting positions

    4'8" Length, 21.5" width, 2.75" thickness, 39.4L volume, 8.4lbs weight, 90mmx254mm Track length
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