BF Cabrinha Contra 2017

BF Cabrinha Contra 2017

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They might as well rename this kite "Session Saver", due to it's capability of putting you on the water when nobody else can.

We have all of the large sizes in stock. If you're looking for the hardest pulling light wind kite on the market this is the one for you. The 19m pulls harder than any other kite on the market hands down!

Not only is it capable of riding in the lightest of winds, it allows for more fun in these conditions. It is stable, easy to fly, and has a massive wind range (obviously, on the low end, too!). The 3-strut hybrid design keeps the Contra aloft in the lightest most unstable winds. If you're looking for super easy park and ride power, the Contra is the ticket to lightwind freedom.
2017 Cabrinha kites feature 1X Security System, 2DR Double Ripstop, the newly redesigned Sprint Airlock system, and Pure Profile Panels. New for 2017, the bridle lines have been upgraded to include a stronger and less stretch-prone material that will help your kite perform better for a longer period of time. Additionally, 2017 kites include the new Sprint Airlock System that allows for faster inflation and better airflow throughout the leading edge and struts.
The Contra is a three strut light wind kite, designed to optimize low-end power while retaining the finesse that keeps this kite fun to fly. The high aspect ratio maximizes power production and makes generating power and speed a snap. Our trademark depower-on-demand makes managing this power effortless, allowing it to execute sharp and precise turns. Tuned to deliver the type of performance that will widen the scope of what you can do in light winds, the Contra has the power to get you up and riding when the winds are barely showing signs on the water. For 2017 we added pure profile panels to and brought the struts closer to the center to increase canopy support.

Features and Benefits
Perfect light wind extension to your quiver
Pure Profile Panels for a better supported canopy
Easy park and ride power
Featherweight control
Works well with any board in your quiver
Easy relaunch

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