Core Riot XR5

Core Riot XR5

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The Core Riot XR5 offers the highest quality German engineering in a kite that is designed for user-friendly performance.

Key Performance Characteristics

Responsiveness Very responsive - Direct feel in steering.
Turn Radius Narrow, pivotal turn.
Window Position Forward window position.
Wind Range Great wind range - 170 lb riders expect optimal power on a 12m in 15-24mph wind.
Relaunch Easy and reliable relaunch.
Bar Pressure Light to medium bar pressure.
Power Per Size More power and depower than most other kites on the market.

Tech Specs

  • Material Core-Tex Triple Core Ripstop and Exotex Dacron.
  • Valve High flow valve with direct to hose connection and one pump inflation.
  • Bridal Compact bridle with pulleys.
  • Wingtip Swept back full wingtip.
  • Bonus High quality repair kit in every kite and the bags are big enough to fit the kite even if you don't fold it right.

    What We Like

    The usable wind range on the XR5 is better than any other kite on the market. The kite shape and bridle system allows you to still have good steering when you are fully depowered and the kite fully sheeted out. Most other kites on the market lose all their steering when you sheet the kite out.

    The 5th Gen of the XR has transformed into a kite that's extremely easy to use. It is super stable in even the gustiest of conditions. The water relaunch is very reliable. Steering has become more direct so you can always feel where the kite is. We teach first time beginners on the XR5 and they are progressing on this kite faster than others in the fleet because the kite works so well in all conditions and it is so user-friendly.

    One of the features that we love on the XR5 is the rider adjustability that you get with their bridle system. There are adjustments on the leading edge to move the kite deeper or more forward in the wind window based on the rider's size and the feel of the kite they want. The trailing edge bridle allows you to increase or decrease the turning speed.

    We are not sure how the Germans do this, but they have made every kite in the XR5 range work on the same size bar. The 5m is not overly fast and the 19m is way faster than any other kite of that size. When you are going up or down in kite sizes, you have the same ride, feel and performance. This consistency in size range will help your progression and not leave you longing for those perfect 9m conditions.

    The XR5 completely changes shape as you sheet in and out. When you are fully sheeted in, the kite flattens out and there is a ton of surface area exposed so you get a lot of low end power. When you are sheeted out you get a lot more arc in the leading edge and a lot of the wing tip gets exposed which provides you with a more stable kite and better power delivery through powered up turns. Most importantly when you boost, this shape change allows you to go really high up and when you come down the kite shape changes to make it feel like the flaps on the wings come out for an extra soft landing.

    Now for the fun stuff, BOOSTING! The XR series has always been known for monster hang time and the XR5 does not disappoint. The soft landings are only one piece of the puzzle that makes the XR5 such a great jumping kite. Other features of this kite that make it perfect for boosting include being great in gusts, the mega wind range so you can go out litt up and still be in control, and the responsive and positive bar feel make this a great kite for your first jumps or your first 50' jump.

    Finally, the XR5 uses the best materials and they are built to last. Core uses proprietary materials and their construction is second to none. Even after this kite gets beaten and abused, it will still have that same feel as the first day you rode it. The five strut canopy stays tight and together and even after the kite stretches, it still rides great. Because they hold up so well, the kites have a really high resale value.
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    Most solid kite I've ever flown

    - 1/18/2018

    I tried this kite out to see what all the hype was about. I didn't know a kite could be so good. It was super stable, the depower was amazing and I still had responsive control while totally depowered. The jumps, omg the jumps were so awesome. Way floatie...

    Great Kite

    - 1/9/2018

    The new XR5 has the same legendary construction and performance as the previous Riot kites but even better jumping. the power control through the bar is absolutely amazing!

    WOW! Load and Pop

    - 1/9/2018

    I could jump higher in the same winds with this kite on a "back-to-back" trial with other brands due to its ability to dump power even in really gusty winds to a perfect load and pop every jump. It seemed like I just kept going up!

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