F-One kite Hydrofoil

F-One kite Hydrofoil

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Accessible and really progressive, the F-ONE FOIL is the new weapon of choice to not only ride, but truly fly over the water.

Foiling is more than a new discipline; it's a whole new world. The F-ONE foil has been developed with the most experienced foil riders and every element of the foil has been designed to deliver the best imaginable experience out on the water whether you about to start or if you already master the magic of foiling.

With innovation deeply rooted into its DNA, the F-ONE team has worked tirelessly to design, engineer, test and optimize this new piece of equipment. The shapes and profiles have been carefully selected and optimized by F-ONE's in-house naval architect and the foil assembly concept was completely thought back towards ease of use.

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600cm^2 Wing
Designed with less area but a higher aspect ratio than the Freeride 800 Wing, this one offers greater performance potential and can be controlled with ease, showing some predictable and intuitive characteristic. Its 600 cm 2 offer enough grunt to lift you out of the water effortlessly and the wing remains easy and fluid to handle at pace thanks to its very sound profile. Built using PRE-PREG carbon over a FORGED CARBON central core, the stiffness of the blades has been finely tuned to make it as stable and predictable as possible. With great directional control provided by the arched span and enough area to rely on, the Freeride 600 wing can be pressed hard to reach higher speeds if this is what you?re after and will be a great all-rounder for freeride performance foiling.

600 cm^2 Wing Carving
Featuring a compact outline and a surface area of 600 cm 2 , the Carving 600 wing is designed for control at higher speed and maneuvers. Its thinner profile results in a more manageable wing at higher speeds and the compact outline makes the whole foil very easy to roll into the corners. Twisted wing tips further help with power management and provide a smoother behavior when the foil is pressed harder during turns. Like the other wings in the range, the Carving 600 wing is built using the high technology PRE-PREG carbon process over a FORGED CARBON central core for maximum strength, stiffness and durability. Unleash your foiling potential with the versatile and highly maneuverable F-ONE Carving 600 wing.

800 cm^2 Wing
The Freeride 800 wing impresses with its ease of use and predictable behavior. With a medium speed this wing is very controllable, while its large surface area makes it a weapon for light air foiling. Its low take off speed ensures easy access to the world of foiling. Maneuvers will also be easier as you progress along the learning curve as the wing will let you complete your transitions at lower speeds thanks to a tailored profile. The wing is built using the high technology PRE-PREG carbon process over a FORGED CARBON central core for maximum strength, stiffness and durability. A great freeride wing to enjoy foiling at any level.

510 cm^2 Wing
Area: 510 cm^2
Aspect Ratio: 6.4
Weight: 0.55 kg
The Race 510 is a medium size race wing for high performance foiling, racing in competition or against your friends across the bay. While its flatter arc in the center morphing to inclined towards the tip provides good control, its size and profile are optimized to offer a great speed potential. Twist increases progressively along the span to reduce the drag when pressed hard and make the wing more tolerant when operating close to the free surface. The race 510 wing benefits from the same reliable construction in PRE-PREG carbon molded over a FORGED CARBON core for maximum stiffness. Designed to be fast in all kinds of conditions the Race 510 wing is versatile across the range from upwind to downwind and is therefore ideal for long distance racing.

540 cm^2 Wing
Area: 540 cm^2
Aspect Ratio: 6.7
Weight: 0.64 Kg
The Race 540 is targeted at light and medium wind conditions and designed to be a weapon for windward/leeward course racing. Its profile and area are an evolution from the Race 510 to provide more power for the upwind legs without restraining the downwind speed. Its flatter arc in the center morphing to incline towards the tip provides great control and enough comfort to accelerate. The twist distribution along the span makes the wing very tolerant, even when operating close to the surface. The Race 540 wing benefits from the same reliable construction in Pre-preg carbon molded over a Forged carbon core for maximum stiffness. Developed by our best riders to turn the upwind mark first and sail lower and faster down the wind, this wing shows impressive efficiency to dominate the competition.

900 cm^2 Wing
Area: 900 cm^2
Aspect Ratio: 7.1
Weight: 0.97 Kg
Designed for downwind performance Windfoil, this wing is made to lift out of the water as soon as possible and glide at speed for exhilarating performances. Clearly the WINDSURF 900 wing is all about efficiency with its high lift section for an early lift off combined with large span and high aspect ratio for minimum drag. Inspired by the latest developments of the kitefoiling circuit, this wing is a true weapon. The WINDSURF 900 is built using the high technology PRE-PREG carbon process over a PU injected core. The FORGED CARBON central core remains at the heart of the assembly for maximum strength, stiffness and durability.

1000 cm^2 Wing
Area: 1000 cm^2
Aspect Ratio: 4.35
Weight: 0.98 Kg
The FREERIDE 1 000 wing was designed with plenty of surface area to provide the most stable, intuitive and easy way to fly. Its specific, high lift profile allows to fly at lower speed, providing a great gliding feel and keeping accelerations under control. Its compact and swept back outline, combined with its arch shape offers perfect maneuverability with a lot of tolerance. The FREERIDE 1000 wing is therefore ideal to learn and enjoy the flight with a Kitefoil and can also be used to ride waves with a SUP or a Surfboard.

1200 cm^2 Wing
Area: 1200 cm^2
Aspect Ratio: 3.15
Weight: 1.15 Kg*
Designed for wave riding, the generous surface area and compact aspect ratio of this wing offers easy and immediate lift. It is specifically shaped to lift off at very low speed and surf the most marginal waves. Thanks to its controlled flying speed this wing lets you follow the wave without excessive pace and remains very user friendly. Maneuverable and very intuitive to enter the curves and bends, it remains stable and is ideal for surfing or for learning how to foil behind a boat. This wing is perfect with our MAGIC 8?6?? and 9?6?? boards, as well as with the PAPENOO convertible, but can be adapted on any surf or Sup wave board.

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- 1/19/2018

I got the 1200 with the 65cm mast.
It's my first hydrofoil. I nose dived a lot at first because I didn't know my limits, so a shorter mast would have helped with that, not giving me enough height to nose dive after breaching, but after a while I got the...

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