GoFoil Tuttle Box

GoFoil Tuttle Box

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Tuttle Box for mounting your GoFoil foil set.

Installation Guide
1. Stand on the bottom of your board while wearing socks or barefoot, be careful to not scratch up your board, and stand one foot just in front of the Tuttle box.

2. Place Tuttle head into the tuttle box evenly and start rocking the mast/strut forward and backward while putting steady pressure down onto the board. Grab onto the Fuselage of the foil while doing this. The steady rocking back and forth will slowly seat the tuttle base into the box.

3. Lean board over to put in the bolts and tighten them.

4. Turn board back upside down again and retry rocking and pushing mast into the board again to get rid of any looseness. Re-tighten bolts again, repeat until you are satisfied the Tuttle base is as tight as possible.

DO NOT hit the foil base into the boar with a Rubber Mallet or anything else.

If you cannot get the Tuttle Base into the Tuttle Box, sand the sides of the Tuttle base not the Tuttle box until she fits inside the box. Easiest to do this with a sander. Check video below for sanding the base.

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