Hydrofoil Surf Lessons

Hydrofoil Surf Lessons

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Pricing is per lesson usually around 2-3 hours. All lessons are group lessons. First lesson is in the bay on jet-ski and second lesson is in the surf. Equipment is provided. To select the "Day 2 Only" option you will have first completed "Day 1" with us to make sure all clients are on the save level for Day 2 in the surf. After you purchase your sessions online we will contact you via email or phone to get you on our physical schedule at your convenience.

We Teach Hydrofoil Surfing 7-days a week and have most major Hydrofoil Brands in-stock in our shop in Texas City. We have been teaching hydrofoiling for years and have an easy program to get you up and surfing in a minimal amount of time SAFELY. All of our lessons are group lessons unless otherwise arranged. To get on the schedule just call or email us at 281-508-6485 or sales@houstonkiteboarding.com. You can use the same contact info for hydrofoil gear sales and information.

We were the first people in the world to invent and use the graduated mast system to teach hydrofoiling, which is now the accepted method for teaching world-wide. We continue to innovations and other training aids to make our clients progress as quickly and safely as possible.

Day 1: Learning to ride behind the jetski
Even if you have hydrofoil experience kiting or wakeboarding surfing is A LOT different and warrants extra attention. An added bonus of taking both days of our two day course is day one will arm you will experience on many different boards and foils, which will help you decide what to buy eventually.

Day 2: First day in the surf with a hydrofoil
In day two we "take the edge off" by showing you the safest and easiest way to progress in the surf. From how to rig your gear on the beach through how to get out to what conditions are best. We will be there to help you get your first rides and advise you on the gear you should think about buying.
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