GoFoil Kai/Iwa Surf Hydrofoil

GoFoil Kai/Iwa Surf Hydrofoil

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KAI/IWA GoFoil Set 28.5" base plate mast

The Double Surf Package comes with the Kai front wing, Kai back wing, Iwa front wing and Maliko back wing, interchangeable mast and fuselage.

This package is better for people who are either lighter 160lbs or so or riding in larger surf that is waist high or more. Maybe too small of a setup for riders closer to 200lbs on the gulf coast or low surf areas.

The GoFoil setups are not cross compatible with their own wings so it is important to get a package setup right out of that gate. For instance if you wanted to use a new 200 wing on your IWA setup that you DID NOT buy together there is a good chance the new wing WILL NOT fit on you existing setup. So buy a package with all the wing you're going to need right out of the gate.

This package includes:
  • Kai front wing
  • Iwa front wing
  • Kai tail wing
  • Iwa tail wing
  • Front wing cover
  • Tail wing cover
  • Mast cover
  • Mallet, screw driver and screws

    Kai Wing Specifications:
  • Front Wing: 24″
  • Stabilizer: 16″
  • Fuselage: 24.5″
  • Weight: full set, 6.8 pounds
  • The Kai model comes with the KAI tail wing.
  • The Kai set up is optimum for:

    Iwa Front Wing Specifications:
  • Front Wing: 31″
  • Maliko Back Wing Specifications:
  • Stabilizer: 16″
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