2019 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard

2019 Nobile NHP Split Kiteboard

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The Nobile NHP series the base model of the famous Nobile Split Kiteboard. This board is excellent for everyday riding including big boosts and freestyle. It has a lot of rocker which is great for the chop and swell but goes upwind like a champ thanks to the edge profile, fins, and bottom contour. This board is a no-brainer for travel but make a great everyday board that easily fits into ANY car. We took this out on the water for a demo in some high winds and were very impressed with its constitution...we could not tell it was as split board and felt as solid if not more solid than any board we have ridden. This board comes with a half size board bag for putting the board in once in half which is great for the car or airplane.

For travel we recommend the Nobile Check-in bag which is a half sized travel bag which will fit a split board with 2 kites, bar and harness and roughly half the size of normal golf bag.

What Nobile Says:
Rectangular channels on the tips guarantee super upwind performance and stability when riding and jumping on the NHP Split, and a perfectly designed Hydrodynamic rocker line improves the comfort, maneuverability and pop. The rocker means the board performs well in chop, while a Split W-Connection (4th generation) maintains the rocker lines and the performance capabilities of the board. The Split also enables easier transportation and storage, as well as being a solution to extra luggage costs ?it?s a truly travel-friendly board. The Dynamic Asymmetrical Shape gives it a longer back-side edge, guaranteeing perfect control during the ride, while a shorter toe-side edge translates into fast and agile turns.

  • freeride, freestyle

  • 130cm x 39 | 134cm x 41 | 138cm x 43

  • Board + Fins G10 40mm set + Split cover

    Nobile Check in Bag with 2 kites, split board, bar, harness pump. Ready for Travel!

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    WOW impressed with this board

    - 11/14/2018

    I took out the NHP 134cm in some kicking winds and was VERY impressed with its ability to ride through chop and stay upwind. This board has some fairly large rocker but goes upwind wonderfully and you CAN NOT tell it is a split board. Very solid on the ...

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