Slingshot Air Strike 7'8" SUP Foiilboard

Slingshot Air Strike 7'8" SUP Foiilboard

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What Slingshot has to say about the 2018 Air Strike:
The Air Strike SUP surfer is the big brother to our Skywalker surf foil board and is designed for experienced paddlers who can confidently surf at least medium sized waves. The Air Strike combines the amazing efficiencies of foiling with the wideranging performance of stand up paddling for an experience that will completely redefine your level of fun in otherwise marginal or un-surfable conditions. The Air Strike is built for stability on the water and agility once you're up and foiling. Its general shape favors small to medium waves and is designed to paddle into small waves, then pop up on foil once you're up to speed. A distinctly shaped high-volume winged swallow tail provides a boost in catching marginal waves and getting on foil. Once you're flying, a concave deck provides control with subtle movement and a scooped nose helps in rebounding off the water when you touch down. The board is equipped with Slingshot's signature track mounting system, which allows you to adjust the position of the foil to for different rider preferences, conditions and performance needs.

  • Bomber SUP developed by Slingshot's Hawaii surf division
  • Track Mount provides adjustable foil postion
  • Wide, high-volume shape aids in catching small waves
  • Carbon reinforcements, bamboo finish provide durablility
  • Fully reinforced specifically to handle forces of foiling
  • No more bad days: shred small and marginal swell

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