Slingshot H2 Hydrofoil Surf Wing

Slingshot H2 Hydrofoil Surf Wing

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  • Larger surface area for lots of lift and easy flight
  • Stock wing for windsurf FWind1 package
  • Customize your ride, cross over to other sports
  • Sturdy pre-preg carbon construction
  • One of five wings in the Hover Glide's Modular System

    Details: The H2 wing has a large surface area and provides lots of lift at slower speeds and in lighter wind. This results in a stable, user-friendly foil and an approachable entry into wake, windsurf and SUP foiling.

    For wake: If you want to let go of the rope and surf the wake on your foil, this is the wing to do it with. While it's possible with the smaller H5 wing and a decent wake, the additional size and lift of the H2 wing makes tapping into the sweet spot of the wake quite a bit easier.

    For surf/SUP: Ideal for knee to waist high waves. You'll start by catching whitewater and riding reformed waves as far to shore as you can without running your foil into the reef. Once you get the hang of it, you'll quickly realize just how broad the possibilities are with a foil.

    For windsurf: This is the stock wing for the FWind1 package. It's designed for user-friendly all-around freeriding for windsurfers of most sizes. Unless you're a light weight rider or you?ll be frequenting high-wind locations, this is the best setup for learning and progressing

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