Takuma Concept V100 Surf  Hydrofoil Package

Takuma Concept V100 Surf Hydrofoil Package

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Takuma Foils In-stock!:
These foils are in and working great. They are compatible with the foilmount and ANY track board on the market even though they use M6 mounting bolts.

The easiest all round hydrofoil available on the market. The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a foiling speed of 6mph you can get up and hydrofoil in small unbreaking waves or open ocean swell.

With massive stability and the best low speed the V100 is the easiest foil on the market. One allround hydrofoil to do everything! Surf, Sup, Wake and also wind sports like Kitesurf, Windsurf and Windsup. The foil concave and it?s compact shape is the best combination to fly easily and as early as possible.

The Mounting plate features an industry standard 90mm base plate spacing so it will work with the patent pending FoilMount universal hydrofoil mounting system as well as ALL hydrofoil track systems on the market. The foil package will include all mounting hardware and compatible M6 bolts and T-nuts.

  • 60cm (red anodized) : All round mast for most of the water sports

    FOIL PACK V100:
  • Anodized Mast aluminium 60cm
  • Front Carbon Wing (59cm x 26cm)
  • Fuselage anodized aluminium 65cm
  • Carbon stabilizer (38cm x 11cm)
  • Top plate 4 points board attachment into 2 US Boxes ( Universal size : 9cm x 16,5cm)

    ***Click here to download the manual***

    Towing, Surfing, Kiting you name it and this foil does it. If you are new to foiling or even a seasoned rider who enjoys relaxing rides without high-speed crashes, this foil is for you.

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    Love this foil!

    - 8/2/2017

    Been kiting on this foil for a dozen sessions now......stable, predictable, fun ride. Can slow the whole ride down and carve turns like on a wave.......The longer the mast the better.....expecially when kiting thru the chop in waves.....the stock short m...

    Amazing Foil...Finally a slow enough wing

    - 4/10/2017

    Our surf is small so we needed the slowest foil possible. It will truly get up in 6mph speed making it easy to hydrofoil surf on our tanker waves and small un-breaking sea swell.

    Got up first time foiling ever on a tanker wave

    - 4/10/2017

    I have kitesurfed on a lot of foils and this one is SLOW and very stable, it was easy to transition from kite foiling to Surf on an SUP board with the FoilMount.

    Great in small waves and open swell

    - 4/10/2017

    I'm pretty new to surf hydrofoiling and was able to catch a ton of waves and foil with the Takuma. I've tried a bunch of faster surf foils and just couldn't make it happen on our small waves. If you find this to be the case where you're surfing this is...

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