Takuma v100 Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount Deal

Takuma v100 Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount Deal

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Takuma V100 Surf Hydrofoil and FoilMount adhesive hydrofoil track system Package

Package Includes

  • Takuma V100 Front and rear wings
  • Takuma V100 Fuselage and 60cm mast
  • Takuma V100 Rear shim and all mounting bolts
  • Takuma V100 base plate with M6 standard mounting bolts and M6 T-nuts
  • Takuma V100 Hydrofoilset bag
  • FoilMount Adhesive plate with M8 t-nuts and mounting hardware
  • FoilMount M6 12mm M6 bolts used for mounting the Takuma to FoilMount
  • FoilMount installation guide and preparation materials

    The easiest all round hydrofoil available on the market. The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a foiling speed of 6mph you can get up and hydrofoil in small unbreaking waves or open ocean swell. You can also pump this foil to stay on the wave or generate extra speed and power. We have had success in the smallest waves with this foil and is our "GO TO" foil for new riders as it is very easy to ride and progress. The V100 is the most stable foil on the market with an amazing ability to get riders up at very slow speeds. It is great for Foil Surfing, Wake Hydrofoiling, Wake Surf Hydrofoiling, Windfoiling and Kite foiling.

    With massive stability and the best low speed the V100 is the easiest foil on the market. One allround hydrofoil to do everything! Surf, Sup, Wake and also wind sports like Kitesurf, Windsurf and Windsup. The foil concave and it?s compact shape is the best combination to fly easily and as early as possible.

    The Mounting plate features an industry standard 90mm base plate spacing so it will work with the patent pending FoilMount universal hydrofoil mounting system as well as ALL hydrofoil track systems on the market. The foil package will include all mounting hardware and compatible M6 bolts and T-nuts.

    FoilMount Mounting system

    Choose between the ridge mount and the standard mount FoilMount depending on what board you plan to use with your hydrofoil. The FoilMount will easily install on most surfboards, wake surfers, SUPs, etc. The ridge mount can be used on a board with a slight ridge down the middle, the recess in the bottom of the Ridge FoilMount will fit over the top of the bottom ridge and lay more flat than the standard FoilMount. The standard mount needs a flat area to mount both front to back and side to side. To check your board use a straight-edge across and area 9.5" wide and 13.5" long to ensure flat mounting.

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    Magic Carpet Ride

    - 1/19/2018

    Soooo awesome. I bought this package and turned my old surfboard into a hydrofoil board which now feels more like a magic carpet. It's one of the slower foils available and I love it for that. Levitating over the water, gives me a major adrenaline rush ev...

    Highly Recomended

    - 1/9/2018

    I got this package to save money from having to buy a whole new board for foiling and it worked beautifully. The foil mount was easy to install, just peel and stick. The foil is a good speed. I'm glad I didn't try to learn on something faster.

    Great Package

    - 12/20/2017

    Loving it, thank guys! +++++

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