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MBS Comp 90 Mountainboard
All hail the Comp 90! By combining existing high-tech components with our latest Vector Truck technology weve achieved the perfect blend for both freestylers and kiters. This board is equally at home carving up the local freestyle track as well as getting massive kite air on the beach. The Comp 90 comes with the superbly ergonomic F4 bindings giving riders even more comfort and control!
List Price: $369.95
HQ Powerkites Apex 3 Snowkite
Introducing the newly designed HQ Apex 3 depower kite. If you are looking for a fantasic work-horse traction kite, the Apex III has you covered. This kite is amazing in snow but also excels at landboarding and kite buggying.
List Price: $579.99
Kite Festival Shirts
3rd Annual Kite Festival Shirts.
Dakine Knit Board Sleeve
Dakine Knit Sleeve board bag...great for any board and great for car travel!

List Price: $55.95
North Entity Kiteboard Footstraps 2016
These are the Premiere North Footstraps for all of their kiteboards. Also called the NTT, they are very adjustable and work great for all levels and types of kiteboarding.
2018 Tyrant
The Tyrant's slender short board profile is designed for high-powered, high-speed, high-performance wave riding.
Gift Certificate $50
Houston Kiteboarding Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. You can use them toward the purchase of new or used kiteboarding equiptment or paragliding gear to get you out riding or flying. You can also use them toward beginner, intermediate, or advanced kiteboarding lessons with full jet ski support! 
Choose the gift amount you would like and we'll send you your certificate in the mail. 
List Price: $50.00
Gift Certificate $25
Houston Kiteboarding Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. You can use them toward the purchase of new or used kiteboarding equiptment or paragliding gear to get you out riding or flying. You can also use them toward beginner, intermediate, or advanced kiteboarding lessons with full jet ski support! 
Choose the gift amount you would like and we'll send you your certificate in the mail. 
List Price: $25.00
Tanker Kite-Surfing T-shirts
XLKITEBOARDING Tanker Kitesurfing T-shirt.  This shirt rocks!  They are made in both Mens and Womens and printed on the semi see-through and stretchy Next Level Burnout material.  Very good looking some some great art!  The Galveston bay where we kitesurf in Texas City is one of the only spots in the world where Tanker surf continuously breaks for almost 18mi up the bay.  Ride the waves and GET THE SHIRT! 



List Price: $29.99
Slingshot Slant Hoodie
 Classic Slinghot hoodie. super comfy zip fited hoodie
Slingshot Women s Hoodie
Check out the new womens hoodie with its cool new design
Neil Pryde Hood Pro

The Neil Pryde wetsuit hood will keep you warm in the coldest conditions. 3mm Apex Mesh neoprene with thermal heatlock lining and full GBL sealed seam construction, anatomical design for full comfort with peak cap, and wide detail to give a great seal under your wetsuit. 

List Price: $54.00
Neil Pryde Hood Standard
Just like the pro version, only differences are the standard hood does not have the peak cap nor the wide base around the neck. Still equipped with the same 3mm neoprene and the glued and blindstitched seams.
List Price: $34.00
Mystic Razor Hood
Stay warm during the cold days on the coast, the lake or behind the boat. The Mystic Razor Hood is a flexible 2mm neoprene that will keep our head and ears warm, while will protect cold water from getting in your ear drum! Minimum bulk and great comfort at an affordable price.
List Price: $23.95
Mystic Razor Hood Extreme
No more uncomfortable cold water rides. The Razor Extreme hoodie will offer complete protection from the cold water, a lot of comfort and riding for hours. Works will all wetsuits and drysuits. Perfect compliment to the Mystic brand Steamers and Drysuits.
List Price: $38.95
Neil Pryde Heatlock Beanie
No water sports enthusiasts should be without this neoprene beanie cap from Neil Pryde. Super comfy, this neoprene beanie cap is lined with soft heatlock, a material that asborbs and retains your body heat to keep you warm and cozy.
List Price: $44.00
Mystic Metalite Split Toe Socks

The Metalite Split Toe sock is perfect to use under booties or shoes for warmer ride. Metalite material creates a warm and flexible barrier which attaches tightly to the skin and reflects the heat. Great addition for all cold weather water sports. 

List Price: $29.95
Dakine Torque Driver
With a comfortable handle that really lets you tighten your bindings, the Dakine Torque driver is all you need for on the slope repairs and adjustments. Comes with 6 pieces!
List Price: $9.99
NP Womens Heatseeker Top
 NP Womens Heatseeker 4000 rash guard top. Available in red or blue and only in size L.
List Price: $54.00
Slingshot Kiteboard Handle
Slingshot Replacement kiteboard handle only..Let us know what bolts you need or the brand of board you have and we can get you the bolts as well for a small charge.
List Price: $15.00
Best Armada v4 Kiteboard
Designed for new school and freeride riders just like you, the Armada v4 delivers maximum performance and versatility. Our all Pre-Preg lay-up, Torsion-X reinforcement and Vari-Damp flex control give you precise handling, outrageous durability and weighs up to 700 grams less than last year’s boards. Profiling the Supremo wood core towards the tips allows smooth progressive carving through the turns and gives you ample flex for checking in even the roughest landings.

The Armada v4 boards deliver top flight performance and construction quality once again. The blend of light weight, high strength, easy handling and great looks makes the Armada v4 the ideal freeride and new school board for demanding riders like you.

List Price: $699.00
Ride Engine Tactical Trollly 158cm

Mystic Allover Pancho
Best way to change your clothes at the Levee and Dike. The Mystic Poncho is your portable Dressing-Room and a towel in one piece. One of the best accessories invented the last 20 years. A must for a core rider. Material: 100% Polyester
List Price: $80.00
2018 Celeritas
The Celeritas features a stout body, curved outline, mild rocker that blends from the center to the tail. It's a stable ride that planes easily and has good upwind and light wind performance
2018 Screamer
The 2018 Screamer features a pulled-in thumb with an updated wing added to give a little more pivot during turns. A parallel rail outline and single concave rocker gives the a fast, locked-in feel of a high-performance wave board, while the shorter T-Rex nose profile makes for a playful feel for jumping, strapless tricks and general freeriding.
Slingshot Wave Pocket Tee
 Slingshot Wave Pocket Tee, available in sizes M, L, XL
2018 Angry Swallow
The Angry Swallow features a parallel rail outline, which adds surface area for better performance in marginal conditions.
Cabrinha Double Agent Hydrofoil 2018
One board, two faces. A performance hydrofoil board that's incredibly easy to ride. Quickly converts into a fun surf skate. Cabrinha's 2018 foil board program now offers 3 different mast sizes to suit a wide range of conditions and ability levels!
Dakine Waterwoman Hoodie
 Get complete sun protection while out on the water with this waterwomen hoodie. Call about color options. 281-508-6485
List Price: $49.99
MBS Colt 90 Land Board
The Colt 90 is the perfect board for entry-level kiteboarders or mountainboarders interested in doing a bit of freestyle. The Colt 90's beefy maple deck, F1 bindings and 8" knobby tires give this board everything it needs to perform while keeping some change in your pocket. One run and you're hooked.
List Price: $199.95
How to Snowkite Vol 1 Basics DVD
 Who better to make a great new (and sorely needed) snowkiting instructional video than the maker of the amazing snowkite DVDs like Entropy and Something Stronger - Morten Gjerstad. He is not only an accomplished filmmaker (using all high-definition footage) but also has access to the top riders in the world who are on the cutting edge of what is happening in snowkiting. This is 2 hours of the most thorough introduction to snowkiting you can imagine. There are chapters on terminology, equipment, location and conditions, kite flying basics, using foil kites, using tube kites (each kite chapter includes information on setup, safety systems, launching and landing, relaunching, and even packing), riding basics (like edging, turning, and going upwind), back country riding, expedition kiting, kite repair, and basic jumping. This is definitely the complete course to becoming a safe and confident snowkiter. When volume 2 is released it will take off from the basic jump and go into all the trick types of jumps and many other specialized advanced snowkiting skills.
List Price: $49.95
Coming Together: Ben Wilson DVD
 The film's title is a reference to those magic days when you score the perfect combination of wind and waves. The film contains a collection of footage of some of the world's top kitesurfers smashing waves and getting barreled in exotic locations from every corner of the planet. The who's who of wave riding deliver stellar performances including, Josh Mulcoy, Maurcio Abreu, Moehau Goold, Reo Stevens, John Amundson, Bertrand Fleury, Ryland Blakeny, Marc Ramsier and of course Ben Wilson himself. Supported by a cast of the usual suspects including Grant Baker, Jake Gordon and Martin Vari just to name a few. "Coming together" showcases a plethora of wave riding locations including Micronesia, Indonesia, Chile, California, Hawaii, South Africa and Australia. This awesome collection of footage and exceptional level of riding will have you frothing for some overseas travel and on the phone to the local travel agent before the film even finishes. "Coming Together" features both strapped and unstrapped riding - not something we have really seen in BWS's previous productions. Showcasing all aspects of the waveriding side of kiteboarding, not just the unhooked and unstrapped approach. Illustrating that there are many possibilities for getting out into the waves with a surfboard and a kite. Wilson has always said that he respects all forms of riding be it strapped or unstrapped and here's the proof.
List Price: $34.95
Something Stronger DVD
If there ever were a DVD that changed our expectations of not just snowkiting, but filmmaking in general, it was the release of Entropy last year by Morten Gjerstad. As the first kite project shot entirely in high definition, combined with breakthrough snowkiting performances and fantastic editing, it was simply stunning. Now, from the same minds comes Something Stronger.
Take a journey to the frontier of snowkiting with the world's elite riders as they explore the vast snowdeserts of Norway, the windblown peaks of the Alps and the bottomless powder of North America.
A High Definition film that fires on all cylinders to bring you big air, epic freeriding and cutting edge freestyle. Something Stronger was shot entirely in High Definition video in Norway, France, USA and Canada during the 2006/07 winter season. Featured riders are Claes Lundin, Petter Johnsen, Fabio Ingrosso, Sigve Botnen, Bjorn Kaupang and Remi Meum.
Morten Gjerstad rocked the world with the release of Entropy last year. He pretty much made every other DVD look bad after he filmed the first kite DVD in high definition (the clear mountain air didn't hurt either) and then hit it out of the park with breakthrough performances in snowkiting combined with fantastic editing.
Something Stronger is the sequel so this is the one to get for winter 2008. Take a journey to the frontier of snowkiting in the snowdeserts of Norway, the windblown peaks of the Alps, and the bottomless powder of North America. Another hi-def film that fires on all cylinders.
Once again the performances on the snow behind a kite have gone to another level. Crazy kite loops and psycho handlepasses, and even double handlepasses abound. Combine that with with more stunning cinematography, crazy locations, a great soundtrack, and great editing, and you've got another jaw-dropper. Wow!
List Price: $34.95
The Way to Fly Instructional Kiteboarding DVD
Land and Water Based Instruction – Go way beyond kite control with specific exercises on how to use a power kite to learn any kite traction sport. Create more and less power with the kite by varying the power strokes.
Simulated Water Starts – Learn on land to first perfect kite movements coordinated with your body movements. Establish this understanding and the muscle memory skills to make the water start much easier!
Simulated Riding Exercises – Learn how to control your speed with kite and body positioning!
List Price: $30.00
All In Twin Bag (152cm X 50cm)
A fully padded, coffin style bag suitable for day trips or airline travel with your twin tip boards, kites and extra gear. Holds up to 3 kites,2 twin tip boards plus harnesses and wetsuits.
List Price: $140.00
Texas City Kite Festival Hydrofoil Race 2017
Hydrofoil Race at the Texas City Kite Festival
Save $10 and register early
List Price: $35.00
Liquid Force Pro Pads 2017
2017 Liquid Force Pro Pads!
Turbine 17m Bladder LE
 17m Slingshot Turbine LE bladder
List Price: $136.00
Ride Engine 2017 Silver Elite Harness
The Elite Series harness features a super stiff and light weight carbon fiber shell that the rest of the harness is built around. For those who want the very best in high-performance materials and construction, this is the harness for you.
WMFG double extra tall durable kiteboarding pump
Well WMFG guys did it again and made the most awesome kiteboard pump of the year with the new bigger and better kite pump that has double barrel. So if want to the the envy of the beach just show up with this bad boy. Call us for questions 281-508-6485
Dakine Wahine Harnesses
Designed for female riders that like to remove the status-quo, Dakine's Wahine harness will rock your world. With looks that kill and padding to match, the Wahine can be tailored to any rider.
List Price: $118.00
2010 Glide .75" G10 Fin Pack
 2010 Glide .75" G10 Fin Pack
List Price: $50.00
The New 2017 Dakine Option Sliding Hook is compatible with ALL rope sliding bar systems. Dual stainless steel rings make for smooth travel as you ride the waves or change it up for some twin tip riding.
2015 Slingshot Crossbreed SUP
This product does not qualify for Free Shipping
The 2015 Crossbreed is a true HIGH PERFORMANCE ALL AROUND BOARD and is as stable and forgiving as they come.
List Price: $1,699.00
Slingshot Rally 2016
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New for 2016 the same great Rally with much needed updates including faster/easier pumping. 281-508-6485
List Price: $1,299.00
Slingshot Bolt Ons 2016
2016 Slingshot Bolt Down pads and straps and better than ever and BLUE!
Lime North Kite Pump 2016
This piston pump has a capacity of approximately 2 x 2.000 cm?.

This means, you can spend more time on the water, as you need only half the time to inflate your kite.
List Price: $65.00
2.5 Inch Slingshot Fins
Extra grip and control for your board. It makes a world of a difference!
List Price: $20.00
2017 Ion Red Hoody Lite
In the ION point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item. Therefore the Neo Accessories are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration.
Cabrinha Overdrive 1x With Recoil 2018
Our premium adjustable control system can quickly change the length of your bar from 48cm to 56cm. The Overdrive mode increases the turning speed and performance of any kite, large or small.
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