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Sky Hooks
Sold in a set of two, Foot Hooks attach to your board?s standard foot strap mounts, with the opening of the hooks facing inward. Mounting can be adjusted based on the board?s insert options to accommodate for rider stance preferences. In addition to standard mounting (parallel with the board?s rails), the hooks also have angular options that allow them to be mounted at side angles.
List Price: $59.00
Liquid Force Fusion Footstraps 2015
Solo Synch down one size fits all straps and pads from Liquid Force. For more information 281-508-6485
List Price: $169.00
North Entity Kiteboard Footstraps 2016
These are the Premiere North Footstraps for all of their kiteboards. Also called the NTT, they are very adjustable and work great for all levels and types of kiteboarding.
Litewave Biometric Bindings
Blowing their way into the Binding industry. Litewave releases a new biding for 2016. Simple and easy to use velcro binding system that are great for both big and small feet alike.
Liquid Force Fusion Footstraps 2015
We have these in stock in the L/XL size which will fit foot sizes from US 9-11. These package comes with all mounting bolts for liquid force boards as well as the LF board handle. Call for more information 281-508-6485
List Price: $169.00
Slingshot Bolt Ons 2016
2016 Slingshot Bolt Down pads and straps and better than ever and BLUE!