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F-ONE TRAX HRD Carbon Series
The 2018 F-One Trax HRD Carbon Series is one of the smoothest carbon boards you will ride. The Trax HRD Carbon features their HRD technology which allows you to use this board with precision; whether you are going big or popping low and hard, the F-One Trax HRD Carbon will optimize and heighten the skill of any rider.
The 2018 F-One Mitu Monteiro Carbon Series Pro level of strapless riding has increased so much for both the professionals and also for the average rider. When riding strapless, any weight loss translates into a direct advantage for the wind to keep the board pressed against your feet.
2018 Tyrant
The Tyrant's slender short board profile is designed for high-powered, high-speed, high-performance wave riding.
Slingshot Vision 2017
the Vision is Slingshot signature freestyle-freeride crossover board designed for riders who want one board they can ride aggressively in all conditions.
List Price: $599.00
Core Fusion 3 Board
Immediately you will appreciate that the Fusion 3 feels stable under your feet, tracks straight and has a smooth and controlled ride.
List Price: $1,099.00
Carved Imperator 6 Kiteboard 2017
The Carved Imperator 6 is the best kiteboarding twin tip on the market. This hand shaped board has design features that are truly unique to Carved.
2017 Cabrinha Spectrum
The Cabrinha Spectrum is a great all around board for riders of almost all levels. This is a great board for a first timer and also for the intermediate freeride kiter. It rides upwind really great and is super easy to ride. The construction is great and its a killer bang for the buck.
List Price: $400.00
Cabrinha Double Agent Foilboard 2018 Board Only
One board, two faces. A performance hydrofoil board that's incredibly easy to ride. Quickly converts into a fun surf skate. Cabrinha's 2018 foil board program now offers 3 different mast sizes to suit a wide range of conditions and ability levels!
Cabrinha Spectrum 2018
The Spectrum is a versatile board that covers the entire spectrum of conditions and riding styles.
Liquid Force Handle
It is what it is, a Liquid Force grab handle that can fit your board so you can do more board-offs. Super grippy grab handle.
Liquid Force Drive Kiteboard 2017
Engineered to transform a kiter?s riding in a short period of time, the Drive packs a potent, empowering punch. Offering the ultimate value to performance ratio, the Drive features many of our most advanced technologies and is optimized specifically for progression, staying upwind, jumping, and doing air transitions. Highlights include a single concave bottom shape, a wood core construction, Liquid Rails for durability and timeless earthy graphics. All fun, all the time!
Liquid Force Overdrive Kiteboard 2017
The Over Drive brings high end freestyle performance to the light wind and heavy rider arena. Featuring inline inserts, minimal rocker, and a hearty width, the Over Drive offers early and efficient planing, exceptional upwind capability, powerful pop, and a smooth, predictable feel. All of it comes together with a lively profiled wood core and a medium flex pattern to create a lightwind twin tip that will allow you to jump, jibe and hone in on your board skills.
Liquid Force Edge Kiteboard 2017
Built for rapid progression, the Edge is one of our most unique, easy-to-ride boards. Engineered to make board control as easy as can be, the Edge features asymmetrical bottom contours, including a turned-up toeside to minimize edge catch, and a long, single concave set towards the sharp heelside edge, for effortless heelside bite.
Liquid Force Libra
Free yourself from the light wind doldrums! If you think about kiting at the first sign of the leaves moving on trees, the slight flutter of a flag or the hint of breeze at your local sensor, the Libre will make your ambition of being the first on the water a reality.
List Price: $499.99
Litewave Wing Kiteboard
The Litewave Wing has evolved into the ultimate light wind machine! Riding in ultra light wind has never easier, even for the big guys. The tip-to-tip radical concave smooths out chop and makes for a very positive carving feeling. Tips are very thin and flexy with built-in torsion bars to maximize carving performance under load. This board is truly a "session saver".
List Price: $749.00
Slingshot Glide 2016

2018 Mixer
You'll be slashing to your heart's content with the Mixer's quad-fin configuration and tail profile, which favors a more slashy back foot feel than a locked-in carve.
2018 Karolina Pro
The Karolina Pro delivers great pop and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and lively wood core construction.
2017 Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard
With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a user-friendly board designed for riders progressing from entry-level to intermediate or advanced.
List Price: $500.00
2018 Celeritas
The Celeritas features a stout body, curved outline, mild rocker that blends from the center to the tail. It's a stable ride that planes easily and has good upwind and light wind performance
2018 Screamer
The 2018 Screamer features a pulled-in thumb with an updated wing added to give a little more pivot during turns. A parallel rail outline and single concave rocker gives the a fast, locked-in feel of a high-performance wave board, while the shorter T-Rex nose profile makes for a playful feel for jumping, strapless tricks and general freeriding.
2018 Angry Swallow
The Angry Swallow features a parallel rail outline, which adds surface area for better performance in marginal conditions.
Slingshot Asylum 2018

Slingshot Refraction Kiteboard 2018

Slingshot Skywalker 5'10"
If you?re serious about foiling in the waves, a board designed specifically for the unique dynamics and forces of foiling will mean the difference between success and failure.
Slingshot Refraction Kiteboard 2016
Looking for a kicker licking, handle-pass landing, ass kicking board? Look no further.
List Price: $599.00
Slingshot Misfit 2018
Rider Profile: You?re not worried about pushing the limits of the sport, or your body. You just want to get out and ride, carve upwind, cruise through chop, land a few jumps and enjoy kiteboarding?s amazing connection with the wind and water. If that?s you, the Misfit is your board. The Misfit features an all-around shape and rocker profile designed for a variety of conditions rather than specialized performance. It?s the perfect choice for entry-level riders who want a board they can progress with but won?t outgrow, or for experienced kiters who don?t plan on specializing in a specific discipline of the sport
Slingshot Converter 5'4" Hydrofoil Board
We at Houston Kiteboarding have trying to get Slingshot to put fin inserts into any of their hydrofoil boards so that customers have a crossover option. They finally did it this year with the Converter.
Woo Kiteboarding Performance Tracker 2.0
WOO is a Kiteboarding Performance Tracker to record every jump from your session. Log every day on the water, challenge friends, and explore kite spots, all on WOO Kite App for iOS and Android. Start riding with WOO and push your riding to new heights!