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2017 Dakine Chameleon Harness
Simplistic harness for your kiteboarding needs!
List Price: $180.00
Cabrinha 2017 Control System with Fireball
We have been on the Fireball for a few weeks now and cannot believe the difference in the harness pressure and overall feel of the bar interacting with your body. The easy hook up and simple release make it a no brainer for anyone wanting to simplify their bar and harness interaction.
List Price: $469.00
Dakine Kiteboard Grab Handle
It is what it is, a dakine grab handle that can fit your board so you can do more board-offs. Super grippy grab handle.
List Price: $19.99
2017 Dakine Fusion Seat Harness
The popular Dakine Fusion Kiteboard harness offers an ideal combination of comfort and control in a low-profile seat harness.
List Price: $230.00
HQ Bebop
 The Bebop is an easy to fly stunt kite with easy control in a wide wind window and no oversteering that will have you stoked for days. The Bebop is a perfect match for beginner flyers and all pilots 8 years and older and will allow for hours of fun kite flying.

Framed with 4mm fiberglass and a strong sail, it already excels in low winds and is flexible and durable enough to withstand crashes with ease. By using the same clever 4-point sliding bridle as the Yukon, it is always ensured that the Bebop performs well, even in higher winds.
List Price: $45.95
HQ Bollero 2
The Bolero II is an advanced entry level sport kite. Due to it´s easy handling and gentle flying characteristics the Bolero is a very good choice for beginners. This kite accelerates the learning process and forgives typical steering errors of beginners. The frame is made of a mix of carbon and carbon-fibreglass hybrid technology is extremely solid and nearly indestructible. That way the Bolero II withstands many crashes with ease. The Bolero II ensures a precise and stable flight even at higher wind speeds and is the perfect kite to learn all the basic tricks and even advance when you want to take it further.
List Price: $55.95
HQ Jive 2
This inland trick kite will be a blast all day in most wind conditions. This kite will eat the crashes and stay steady for the tricks, It excells in light winds due to its light construction. With the emerald color of this kite you will never loose sight! This is a great intermediate trick kite for the aspiring stuntsman.
List Price: $117.99
Liquid Force Prime Waist Harness
All new for 2014, the low-cut Prime harness is so comfortable that you might feel a bit naked wearing it. Offering supple, tight-fitting, flexible and supportive performance, the Prime delivers superior fit and function, as well as dual safety leash releases, the exclusive Liquid Force Locking Cam Strap, and all of the premium features found in the new Liquid Force harnesses.
List Price: $150.00
Liquid Force Foil Fish Front Wing
LF set out to make a foilboard that was affordable, easy to ride, and durable. The Foil Fish nailed it on three marks, and it is also fast, lightweight, and easy to travel with. To top it off, the board that the complete Foil Fish package comes with doubles as a really fun kiteboard.
List Price: $399.99
NPX Cult 2/2 Shorty Wetsuit
Are you ready to believe? Behold, the Cult. Pure NPX progeny, kind of. The bastard lovechild of an extreme athlete and an accountant. Figuratively speaking, it’s a wetsuit crafted for riders with big balls and tight arses. Only a mother could love it, and we do. Cult is Revelation, ready to wear. It gets you going places and doing things you never knew you were capable of. Technical, flexible and durable - NPX Cult lives and breathes water, fitting like a second skin and acting like a fully submersible micro-climate. Today, their will be no sacrifice. Above or below, NPX Cult rules eternal. 
List Price: $185.00
2010-2013 Chicken Loop Harness Line
 This is a replacement chicken loop harness line for the slingshot compstick bar. This piece will work for the bars made between 2010-2013. This is the standard size medium chicken loop line.
List Price: $20.00
Slingshot Colored line Extension set (4) 20meters
 These 20meter extension lines come in a pack of 4 but can be bought as a set of 2 if needed for a trainer kite. They are 600lb lines and can work for any bar and lines currently on the market.
15 inch Flight School Hydrofoil Mast
Get a feel for riding the foil with the 15" Flight School Mast. This can be used with the Hoverglide hydrofoil as well as the Liquid Force Foil Fish by using the interface plate and extra base plate option.
List Price: $59.00
Slingshot Rally 2016 11m
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New for 2016 the same great Rally with much needed updates including faster/easier pumping. 281-508-6485
List Price: $1,299.00
Ion Apex 2016
Great price on a great harness. The Apex is the industry standard for great comfort and stability while kiteboarding.
List Price: $229.95
Ion Vertex Harness 2017
The name VERTEX stands for 'Pro Approved Technology,' and represents a perfect fit and outstanding support for experienced riders. The ultimate wave shredding companion offers more freedom of movement than ever before thanks to its slimmer outline and extended soft foam edge.
List Price: $289.00
2017 Ion Red Hoody Lite
In the ION point of view the smallest items in the product range deserve the same dedication and precision as every complex item. Therefore the Neo Accessories are a small but essential part of the whole equipment and sometimes these small items decide whether you have a great day on the water or you go home in deep frustration.
List Price: $127.50
Ion B2 Harness Shorts
 Best harness shorts on the market.  They even come with a hook knife!
List Price: $229.00
Croakies Sunglasses Floating Neck Retainer
Croakies Floating Sunglasses retaining strap will keep your kiteboarding glasses on your head. If they do come off you'll be able to find them with the bright yellow color of the floating strap.
List Price: $19.99