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Neil Pryde Mission Boots
 The Neilpryde mission split toe boot is one of our favorites here in the shop. These booties have a solid design that is durable and simple. They wont slip off your feet and you wont slip on the ground. They have plenty of traction to walk around but not too much to fit in your pads and straps comfortably. 
Ion Plasma Boots 3/2
Getting cold in your other booties? Have no fear, look no further as the plasma's will keep your toes oasty toasty warm. We just got these in stock and we love them they are so comfortable and warm. Also they slip into footstraps with ease so grab your pair today.
Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Water Booties
These new Ultra-Flex water booties work great on the water. The thin, ultra-flex design does not interfere with the straps on your board and are extremely durable in walking over rock or oysters. Great bootie for an excellent price!
List Price: $36.95
Sea To Summit Blitz Booties
These high top booties are excellent for those looking for the extra ankle support in a water shoe. The 3mm neoprene aides in keeping your feet warm and the durable sole provides excellent foot support in walking over oysters or rocks.
List Price: $46.95