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Kai Foil
An All Around Surf Foil set up that is designed for beginners to advanced riders for SUP and Surf foiling . It is also a great foil to learn with by being towed behind a boat. (For downwind foiling this would be for very advanced riders only). Also good for beginner and light wind kite foiling!
List Price: $1,599.00
Slingshot set of 2 surf straps

Takuma Concept V100 Surf  Hydrofoil Package
The easiest all round hydrofoil available on the market. The brand new Takuma V100 foil is made to enjoy the unique foil feeling with an appropriate choice for beginners, medium and advanced riders. With a foiling speed of 6mph you can get up and hydrofoil in small unbreaking waves or open ocean swell.
Slingshot Ghost Whisperer Hydrofoil
This Hydrofoil was highly anticipated by the American Kiteboarding team because it is made by the same guys that make the Moses hydrofoils. These foils are the best in the world in construction, speed and stability. They are difficult and expensive to get from Italy into the USA so it is GREAT that Slingshot is helping us out!
2016 Slingshot Hover Glide NF2 Foil
This is what you need along with the short mast progression kit to get started and keep riding through and into intermediate Hydrofoiling. Price point is great and with the short masts you'll be able to teach yourself as well as ride in shallow water areas. Call us or email with questions or for special orders 281-508-6485 or
2016 Slingshot Lift NF2 Hydrofoil
Slingshots is now contributing to one of the biggest new developments in kiteboarding with their new foilboard. The board will also be available to be changed out with a skate style deck both regular and wide version once the designs arrive. 
List Price: $2,799.00
Cabrinha Double Agent Hydrofoil
2016 Cabrinha Double Agent Hydrofoil package will get you up and foiling in no time at a great price. If you have specific questions or concerns call or email us at 281-508-6485
Liquid Force Rocket Hydrofoil Package 2016
The 2016 Rocket Fish will take production hydrofoiling to a new level. Same great price point with twice the performance at the 2015. All 2015 parts are interchangeable including short masts etc. If you have questions call us at 281-508-6485.
FoilMount Ridge Mounting Plate
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The FoilMount is a universal hydrofoil mounting system, this means that you can put a hydrofoil track on just about any board you already have. Just stick and ride!
FoilMount Standard Mounting Plate
The FoilMount is a universal hydrofoil mounting system, this means that you can put a hydrofoil track on just about any board you already have. Just stick and ride!
Slingshot Alien Air Hydrofoil Board 2016
This is a shop favorite for us as it is easy to jibe and tack and great for riding in high winds and light winds also fits just about any foil setup so it is easy to switch and swap foils.
List Price: $799.00
Slingshot Alien Air Hydrofoil Board 2017
This board has been Houston Kiteboarding's favorite for the last two years. The construction changed for 2017 so the price dropped $100, which is great. The Alien Air has the displacement to be your go-to foil board for light winds and the shape for freeride foiling or advanced is the best all in one foil board on the market.
Slingshot Dwarfcraft Hydrofoil Board 2017
If you're looking for a minimal board with enough displacement for everyday riding look no further. The team at Houston Kiteboarding prefers the Dwarfcraft for travel and powered riding, but make no mistake for light winds the Alien Air is king for sure.
Slingshot Converter 5'4" Hydrofoil Board
We at Houston Kiteboarding have trying to get Slingshot to put fin inserts into any of their hydrofoil boards so that customers have a crossover option. They finally did it this year with the Converter.
Slingshot Hypermiler Hydrofoil Board 2017
All Carbon, slick, and sexy foil board! This baby looks good and will ride even better. Racing, long distance, or just looking great on the water....get the board that will live up to your expectations.
Slingshot Padded Simulator Hydrofoil Board
For 3 years Houston Kiteboarding has been the leader in Hydrofoil training. And we say that this board is perfect for learning, teaching, and progressing on the foil including the short mast system.
Slingshot Wakefoil Package
Wakeboarding with a hydrofoil...Here we come!
Liquid Force Rocket Foil Board 2016
Four inches shorter than the Foil Fish Design, the Rocket Foil, is easier to travel with. The Rocket Foil now comes standard with a fast track mounting system, making it compatible with both the 2015 Liquid Force foil and the Slingshot Hover Glide hydrofoiling system. If you are interested purchasing the New Rocket by Liquid Force a call here at (281) 508-6485.
Liquid Force Happy Foil Board 2016
Liquid Force Happy Foil is a well priced hydrofoil board that can take your riding to the next level including race or free-ride foiling.
Slingshot ShortMast Flight School package
Finally Slingshot is on-board with a short mast solution, we have been doing it for 2 years now and it has been proven in our school and store to work for new riders as well as intermediate and advanced foiliers in shallow water. We finally have a solution to work on the Slingshot hydrofoils.
Slingshot Hydrofoil Mast Base Plate
2016 Hoverglide Hydrofoil Mast Base Plate. This is an extra base plate for your hoverglide hydrofoil. If you get the flight school you will want one of these to make it easier to switch between your full length mast and your other length masts for shallow water or to teach your friends to foil.
List Price: $85.00
Silngshot Hoverglide Fuselage Replacement
Slingshot Hoverglide Hydrofoil Replacement Fuselage.
2016 Slingshot Hover Glide Replacement Front Wing

2016 Slingshot Hover Glide Replacement Rear Wing

15 inch Flight School Hydrofoil Mast
Get a feel for riding the foil with the 15" Flight School Mast. This can be used with the Hoverglide hydrofoil as well as the Liquid Force Foil Fish by using the interface plate and extra base plate option.
List Price: $59.00
30 inch Flight School Hydrofoil Mast
The 30" mast is great for people to use right before going to the full length Slingshot mast length during the learning process. It is also awesome if you have trouble hitting the bottom and need a mast just a little shorter than standard.
Interface Plate for Flight School and LF
This is what you need if you're thinking about getting the Flight School short mast solution for your Liquid Force Hydrofoil. This interface plate and base plate will allow you to easily mate the Flight School system to your current Liquid Force Foil. "Will the Flight School System work on my Liquid Force Foil Fish Hydrofoil?" The answer is YES, with this system.
Hoverglide Hydrofoil Hardware Set
Hoverglide Hydrofoil Hardware Set
Lift Hydrofoil Short Mast Strut Solution
Lift Hydrofoil durable and economical short mast solution for learning and for shallow water conditions. Get the base plate with only the masts you need with the interface plate that will fit the Lift Osprey Foil system perfectly. Everything is included and is ready to ride and learn right out of the box.
List Price: $394.00
Slingshot set of 3 surf straps
Set of three Slingshot 2016 surf straps including the washers. These will work on ANY hydrofoil boards.
Liquid Force Carbon Extended Fuselage
Liquid FOrce carbon hydrofoil fuselage
LF Foil Fish Mounting Bolt Upgrade
Use ANY baseplate and hydrofoil with your Foil Fish Board using this system.
Liquid Force Hydrofoil Replacement Mast Bolts
These are Stainless Metric M8x40mm Bolts with a #5 Allen Key head for mounting the Mast of the Foil Fish hydrofoil to the Mast Base Plate. Set of 2 bolts.
List Price: $10.00
Liquid Force Short Hydrofoil Mast 60cm
2017 LF Mast Collar and 60 cm. Short Mast designed for hydrofoiling progression. This kit is compatible with the LF Foil Fish (new base plate and mounting bolts needed), Happy Pill, and Rocket Fish Foilboards.
Liquid Force Slider Bolts for Hyrofoil Track
Brass T-nut inserts and countersunk bolts to mount Hydrofoils on the Happy pill Foil board and Rocket Foil board from Liquid Force.
M8 Metric Kiteboarding Bolts
M8 Stainless Flat head bolts with a 1.25 thread pitch. These are the standard Metric bolts used on most hydrofoil boards. All have a large phillips head drive.
Neoprene High Aspect Hydrofoil Wing Covers
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The 3mm thick neoprene design offers superior padding for fragile hydrofoil wings. Two piece design with finished edges, a tightening strap.
Replacement Brass Hydrofoil Slider T-nuts
Replacement Brass Slider T-nuts for all Liquid Force, Slingshot, and other Hydrofoil Board manufacturers. These are replacements so that you never miss a session on the water due to missing a few of these. Buy extra and keep in the hydrofoil kit.
List Price: $4.25
Ozone Chrono V2 Kite
If you want a FAST Freeride Kite for foiling than the Chrono is for you. The R1 is now the race kite for Ozone so the Chrono is for everyone else. If you want to do some racing this kite will be plenty fast for 99% of the market.
Liquid Force Hydrofoil Hardware

Trace Action Sports Performance Tracker
Trace is quite simply the easiest way to make and edit footage. It is especially great for riders looking to work on tricks, moves, or speed and performance. The auto-edit feature makes it really easy and straight forward to just upload the data and have them add it to snippets of your footage so you can review your ride faster.
Liquid Force Hydrofoil Cut Masts
Teach yourself to hydrofoil with a cut Hydrofoil mast. Even if you're relatively inexperienced you can make it happen on your own with the right equipment.
List Price: $499.00
Lift Hydrofoil with Singshot Alien Air Board
Slingshots is now contributing to one of the biggest new developments in kiteboarding with their new foilboard. The board will also be available to be changed out with a skate style deck both regular and wide version once the designs arrive. 
List Price: $2,799.00
2016 NSI Foot Hookers
Can't decide between being strapped or riding strapless? Need some help with your water starts? Want to reduce the chance of injury when it all goes wrong? The NSI Foot Hookers might be the answer.