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Core Free Kiteboarding Kite
Hang loose and ride knee highs like they're overheads. Test your limits on those really big days. Or, just chill and cruise on your trusty surfboard, twintip or skimboard. Without fussing about your kite or the wind. Because you know the new CORE Free is there for you. With its mad surf skills, smooth air-style, and signature CORE ride-ability, you may suspect your new kite has super powers. And we think so too.
Core Impact Kite
A dedicated freestyle/wakestyle machine with an extremely deep c-shape. For the most controllable, slack-able, freestyle kite possible.
Core Riot XR5
The Core Riot XR5 offers the highest quality German engineering in a kite that is designed for user-friendly performance.
List Price: $1,219.00
Core Section 2.0 Kite
If you want a durable kite that can withstand a beating in the surf this kite is for you. The Core Section is great for kitesurfers of all levels and is a great kite for travelling and kiteboard around the world.
List Price: $959.00
Core GTS4 Black
The Core GTS4 is there Kite looping Machine...
Cabrinha Contra 2017
They might as well rename this kite "Session Saver", due to it's capability of putting you on the water when nobody else can.
List Price: $1,649.00
2017 Cabrinha Switchblade
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The 2017 Cabrinha Switchblade is back for an 12th year with its 5-strut hybrid design, fusion wing tip shape, and draft forward profile. Widely known as the most versatile kite on the market, the Cabrinha Switchblade 2017 is the perfect freeride/ freestyle crossover choice to do it all.
List Price: $1,549.00
Cabrinha Switchblade 2018
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For a rider who wants unrivaled predictability, unmatched versatility and uncompromising high end performance and quality. Whether you're boosting big air, throwing down technical tricks, or simply out for a fun session on your own terms, the SB provides the ultimate kiting experience.
Cabrinha FX 2018 12M only
For riders that mix hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks and like to kiteloop. The wide wind range offers more versatility than a traditional "C" shape, and offers smooth power delivery with predictable handling.
Cabrinha Apollo 2018
For any type of riding where forward speed and acceleration must be matched by the speed of the kite!
Cabrinha Contra 2018
Perfect for any rider that wants to extend their game into the lightwind arena with a responsive, lightwind kite.
Cabrinha Drifter 2018
Specifically designed for kite surfing in waves and surf freestyle!
List Price: $1,029.00
HQ Hydra II Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite
The HQ Hydra II is the latest generation of our most popular trainer kite. HQ has created a kite with improved flying performance and responsiveness, providing more power through the turns.
List Price: $313.50
HQ Powerkites Rush V Pro Trainer Kite
Get your first shot of REAL power with the RUSH 5 -250 PRO. Meaner than average 2 meter kites, the RUSH 250 Pro is slightly larger. Perfect for those looking for a little more power. This 2.5 Meter size is especially good for teens and smaller adults.
HQ Bebop
 The Bebop is an easy to fly stunt kite with easy control in a wide wind window and no oversteering that will have you stoked for days. The Bebop is a perfect match for beginner flyers and all pilots 8 years and older and will allow for hours of fun kite flying.

Framed with 4mm fiberglass and a strong sail, it already excels in low winds and is flexible and durable enough to withstand crashes with ease. By using the same clever 4-point sliding bridle as the Yukon, it is always ensured that the Bebop performs well, even in higher winds.
List Price: $45.95
HQ Bollero 2
The Bolero II is an advanced entry level sport kite. Due to it´s easy handling and gentle flying characteristics the Bolero is a very good choice for beginners. This kite accelerates the learning process and forgives typical steering errors of beginners. The frame is made of a mix of carbon and carbon-fibreglass hybrid technology is extremely solid and nearly indestructible. That way the Bolero II withstands many crashes with ease. The Bolero II ensures a precise and stable flight even at higher wind speeds and is the perfect kite to learn all the basic tricks and even advance when you want to take it further.
List Price: $55.95
HQ Jive 2
This inland trick kite will be a blast all day in most wind conditions. This kite will eat the crashes and stay steady for the tricks, It excells in light winds due to its light construction. With the emerald color of this kite you will never loose sight! This is a great intermediate trick kite for the aspiring stuntsman.
List Price: $117.99
North Dice 2018
The Dice is a perfectly balanced Freestyle/Wakestyle tool redefining versatility and performance in a C-oriented three strut design, which can even impress in waves.
North Rebel 2018
If ever there was a kite that needs no introduction it is the Rebel, one of the most popular kites of all time; it is the choice of ambitious freeriders and kiters who like to boost huge airs.
USED DEMO 2017 10M North Evo
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Very lightly used for Demo, 10M North Evo 2017.
Slingshot Rally 2018
More info: Slingshot has reworked and refined the Rally over the years to polish the kite into what it is today. In 2016 we made some slight adjustments to the geometry and bridles to increase handling and steering speed. Those changes were very well received, so we've carried them over for 2017 and have added a couple other subtle modifications
Slingshot Fuel 2018

Slingshot RPM 2017

List Price: $999.00
Slingshot Turbine Kite 2017
New for 2017 the Same great Turbine in a whole lot more sizes! Best Light Wind kite EVER!
List Price: $1,049.00
Slingshot Rally 2017
New for 2016 the same great Rally with much needed updates including faster/easier pumping. 281-508-6485
List Price: $1,049.00
Slingshot RPM 2016

List Price: $999.00
2016 Slingshot Wave SST
Finally Slingshot releases a wave kite. The SST wave has no comparison in the world of wave is amazing!
List Price: $1,499.00
2018 Slingshot SST
More info:

The 2017 WAVE SST features a Compact-C canopy profile and a condensed version of Slingshot?s popular shock-absorbing IRS bridle system. The combination of canopy geometry and bridle configuration results in a kite that flies deep in the window, in the sweet spot for surf-specific performance. Two main features that make the WAVE SST such an amazing surf kite are: How well it drifts downwind and how quickly it can pivot even when you?re depowered, sheeted out or moving toward the kite. These characteristics also make the WAVE an ideal kite for foiling. The WAVE SST is extremely robust, taking Slingshot?s bomber surf-tough standards a step farther, with a special Surf Grid panel layout that adds strength and durability to the canopy, and a condensed bridle setup. Trailing edge tension is now controlled with the addition of Teijin T2 Polyester ripstop canopy material, which decreases trailing edge flutter and increases durability. We reinforced the one-pump inflation valve?s connection to the bladder to help prevent blowouts caused by improper hose attachment/ detachment.
Slingshot Rally 2016
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New for 2016 the same great Rally with much needed updates including faster/easier pumping. 281-508-6485
List Price: $1,299.00
2016 Slingshot Rally Package
Here is an excellent beginner kiteboarding package for anyone looking to get into the sport or any students shopping for their first gear package. Our expert instructors put this package together based on their observations of student riders and beginner kiteboarders.
List Price: $2,316.00
2017 Slingshot Wave SST
Finally Slingshot releases a wave kite. The SST wave has no comparison in the world of wave is amazing!
Ozone Access V7 Complete
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The Access is our entry level De-power foil kite that is designed to make the learning process of Snowkiting as safe and easy as possible.
Ozone Chrono V2 Kite
If you want a FAST Freeride Kite for foiling than the Chrono is for you. The R1 is now the race kite for Ozone so the Chrono is for everyone else. If you want to do some racing this kite will be plenty fast for 99% of the market.
Ozone Frenzy v10 Complete 14m
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The Frenzy V10 is our do-it-all powerhouse de-power foil kite. This radical snowkite design combines the latest in foil kite and paraglide technology.
Ozone Summit V4 Complete
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The Summit continues to define high performance and versatility for dedicated Snowkite riders who are looking for high speed mountain climbing or blasting through the powder with a fast turning kite. The fourth version has directly benefited from our R1 V2 race development knowledge, allowing us to improve performance, handling and stability.