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NP Womens Heatseeker Top
 NP Womens Heatseeker 4000 rash guard top. Available in red or blue and only in size L.
List Price: $54.00
Dakine Waterman's Rashguard short sleeve
 Serious protection from the sun this summer
List Price: $44.95
Dakine Waterwoman Hoodie
 Get complete sun protection while out on the water with this waterwomen hoodie. Call about color options. 281-508-6485
List Price: $49.99
Dakine Polybro Snug Fit Kiteboarding Rashguard
Sun Protection and snug fitting rashguard without the chill from evaporative cooling in the wind. This is the perfect Rashguard for kiters.
Dakine Snugfit Twilight Kiteboarding Rashguard
Deluxe Kiteboarding rashguard from Dakine, keep chaffing down and protect yourself from the sun on the water this summer.
NPX 1.5mm Heatseaker top Ladies
 1.5mm Ladies NPX thermal top.  Great for days when it is chilly but the guys will make fun of you for wearing a wetsuit. 
List Price: $89.00
Neil Pryde 1.5mm Top 2012
 1.5mm Thermal top from Neil Pryde in only size Small and only the gray color.  
List Price: $88.00
NP Fireline 2mm Hoodie Hoody
The Neoprene hoodie is one of the best inventions in the kiteboarding industry. The sweet item has a spreader bar hole cut out of it so it goes on OVER everything you're already wearing. They are awesome, because they keep the wind off and also insulate your body heat. If you get too hot, no problem just take it off easily without removing anything else. It will even go over your life jacket or float vest!
List Price: $154.95
NPX Cult Neo Top 2012
Neoprene top made of 1.5mm Apex flex neoprene. Provides warmth and windchill protection with the comfort and flexibility of a rashguard.
List Price: $88.00
NPX Heatseeker Neoprene Top 1.5mm 2012
Tri-density 0.5mm (1.5mm on chest) neoprene shirt with a Titanium inner coating to reflect body heat. This neoprene shirt protects you from wind chill and keeps you warmer. 
List Price: $87.00